2015 Mini Cooper, Cooper S Motors See Upgrades

Ok-I’ve owned an 06 Cooper S. I now own a 2013 Fiat Abarth. I do like my Fiat overall more than my 06 S. The reasons are as follows-Better straightline performance with less torque steer, slightly more interior room and a slightly larger cargo area,smoother ride, much better sounding engine. Negatives-Interior plastics in some areas not as good as the Mini,slightly less steering precision and slightly more body roll(the body roll issue has been solved with a rear sway bar at no loss in ride comfort). It sounds like the 2014 Mini will address some of the issues i had with my 06 S. With the 2 stage suspension settings,better sounding engines(base) with more power should make them quick. I hope they can solve the torque steer issue. They tried before with steering software and it did not work.The front end styling seems a bit busy and those “bug eyes’ headlamps don’t do it for me.It seems most of the length is in the front end ahead of the firewall. That does not seem to help interior room. Last but not least is price. Minis are great values when stripped out but over 30 grand with average options. My fully loaded Abarth was under 28 grand.

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