Honda S660 Concept: Nearly Ready For Production

Honda, with their V-tec fanbois, is the butt of 90% of automotive jokes.

Now, presented with an opportunity for a new age MR2 turbo, they instead opt for a gas sipper. I understand fuel efficiency is still on everyone’s minds, but don’t they think the market is flooded enough as is? I mean, this will compete with the CR-Z for some buyers. Whereas, the cheap, fun, rwd market consists entirely of the mx-5 and the BRZ/FRS, or alternatively the mustang or genesis. This is a horrible version of what VW’s blutec(or whatever their two seat concept was supposed to be) diesel, the only difference is that could have had 250+lb ft and still have gotten great mpg.

There’s more to a sports car then power, but at 2000lbs(and that’s optomistic frankly) and 100hp, that’s 20lbs/hp. Smart4two beware, Honda s660 is on the scene…

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