Honda Seems Serious About New CR-Z to Fight BRZ, FR-S

I love Honda, but the CRZ has always been a mystery to me. Why does it get such terrible mileage? My non-hybrid 2012 Mazda3 gets better mileage, accelerates faster, seats 3 more people, carries more cargo, is better equipped, and cost about 3 grand less than the CRZ. By the way, it’s also plenty fun to drive. 

Can someone explain to me why they couldn’t just strip out the hybrid system and drop in the ILX ‘s base engine (150 hp)? Seems like that would be faster, cheaper, and get the same ballpark mileage. Heck, even the Civic engine (140) is rated better than the 135 combined in the CRZ, and a base 06 Civic with the 140 hp plant could hit 60 in 7.7 seconds with a manual, which I believe is significantly faster than the CRZ. Heck, my 01 Civic manual could hit 60 in 8.4, which is what at least one test pegged the CRZ at, and the current Fit sport can do it in 8.2. 

Okay, Rant over.

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