Nissan BladeGlider Concept to Smash Barriers at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Besides the crazy look and whether or not the car will pass crash tests like the small overlap and the upcoming pedestrian US crash standards, the big takeaway for me is the in-wheel electric motors. Nothing short of a nuclear power train will revolutionize the industry more than in-wheel electric motors. Axles will be a thing of the past, as will hundred of other parts of typical cars, also steering and power delivery will be changed forever.

Think of a Jeep wrangler with in-wheel electric that would be a 4×4 with  400 hp and 2,940 ft/lbs torque (that is right, 735 each tire!!) ground clearance could be as high as the body with what amounts to ‘sticks’ with suspension holding the wheels in place under the vehicle. they could also turn at basically any degree you wanted them to (independent of each other as well). I was going to bring this up on the Jeep wrangler thread but it is too much for many people to get their head around. Also when properly build, EV can run totally under water for as long as there is power in the pack.

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